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#Amit SarkarKolkata: The work of demolishing the house started in Durga Pituri Lane at midnight. KMRCL authorities informed. Several parts of the two houses numbered 16 and 16/1 are in dangerous condition. So it is necessary to break that part quickly.

Authorities decided that partial demolition of the two houses would begin on Monday morning, after consulting KMRCL experts.

Rupak Sarkar, project director of ITD, which is in charge of the East West Metro from Boubazar to Esplanade, said demolition work on the partial (dangerous) part of the two houses would begin on Monday at 11am and 18/1.

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If the demolition work shows that the rest of the houses need to be demolished, then it will be demolished. Besides these two houses there are dangerous houses declared by Calcutta Municipality. The house that was supposed to be demolished by KMC has not been demolished yet for some reason. KMRCL will demolish it if the municipality gives permission.

There is a part of house number 15 along with house number 14. So the fear is that the house may be damaged. KMRCL MD Chandranath Jhan said that the situation has to be started partially to avoid the danger.

At the same time, he further said that in case of other houses, the next decision will be taken after considering the experts of Jadavpur University.

However, IIT Roorkee’s expert team will look into why disasters happen again and again while working underground. According to KMRCL sources, the residents of these two houses will be asked to vacate the house on Monday morning by issuing notices between 16 and 17/1 between Sunday evening.

On the other hand, there is a drama about how much a house will be demolished. The councilor was first informed by phone on Saturday afternoon that KMRCL wanted to start demolishing three houses from that evening. It was later reported that a house would be partially demolished. That decision also changed in a while. The tension continues.

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GM AK Nandi of KMRCL came to the spot. It was informed that the number of houses to be demolished will be decided on Sunday. Later on Sunday a meeting was held with the locals. There is also a wide-ranging discussion on how much demolition work will start on a house.

Finally, it was informed that the work of partial demolition of 16 and 18/1 (dangerous part) will start.

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#Amit SarkarKolkata: The work of demolishing the house started in Durga Pituri Lane at midnight….

Published on : May 15, 2022 at 7:50 PM

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