Now you too can be beaten! 208 crore bonus for employees!

The thing is a casino. But the owner of the company has paid Rs 208 crore as bonus to the employees. A casino employee in Las Vegas was given a $ 5,000 bonus. The employees are also happy with the unexpected receipt of about Rs 3.86 lakh each. For 5,400 employees, the owner was willing to deduct such a large sum from the company’s profits as a reward for their hard work.

When the company’s CEO Bill Macbeth unexpectedly announced the bonus, the shocked workers all applauded. Many who make a living from the casino burst into tears. It also has employees who have been part of the same casino for years. Dividends paid to all employees, from sweepers to cooks.

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For the past seven years, the company has been contributing a portion of its revenue to charitable causes, not just employee contributions. About $ 9 million was set aside for charitable purposes during this period.

Two company employees have been granted special vacation trips to San Diego and Hawaii based on their performance. A housekeeping trainer and a resort waitress received a special gift.

The company is owned by Blackstone, a private equity firm.
The New York-based company invests in real estate and casino businesses. In New York alone, Blackstone has two tower properties with approximately 3,000 rooms


Published on : May 14, 2022 at 8:39 PM

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