Gold Smuggling In Kolkata: Seven Gold Bars From Bangladesh! Shukla Daftar’s big success on Central Avenue

#Kolkata: Gold recovered from the city again. Forty-two lakh rupees worth of gold was recovered by the customs officials.

617.59 grams of gold was recovered from a person near Central Avenue. Seven gold bars recovered. According to the customs department, the gold came from Bangladesh.

The whereabouts of the smugglers were being investigated in the city. The man is being questioned. Continuous gold recovery in the city. In the last few months of this year, gold worth crores of rupees has been recovered from Kolkata.

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Recently, on May 9, a Bangladeshi man was caught by the customs at the Kolkata airport while trying to smuggle gold hidden in the second layer of his shirt and full pants. He came from Dubai. Gold worth Rs 32 lakh was recovered.

On May 5, gold worth Tk 69 lakh was recovered from a gold shop on Nalini Seth Road in Barabazar. On April 22, while checking the nose at Howrah Bridge, a man was caught with gold worth Rs 56 lakh.

One was caught on April 20 with a gold bar worth Rs. From Baratala Street and Nalini Seth Road. On April 11, a gold bar worth Rs 63 lakh was recovered from Kolkata. Gold worth Tk 72 lakh was recovered from two persons who were caught by customs on March 10 near Howrah Bridge.

On March 2, gold worth Rs 5.2 lakh was recovered from the city. Two were caught. Gold comes from Dubai. On March 2, a gold bar worth Rs 5.2 lakh was recovered from a gold testing center at Matiabruz Bichli Ghat.

Gold worth Rs 50 lakh in cash was recovered from a scooter on March 3 in Park Street. Two people were caught by customs. On February 22, three capsules were recovered from Kolkata Airport by pasting gold. Gold worth Rs 48 lakh 36 thousand 458 was recovered.

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Gold Paste was recovered from a passenger at Kolkata Airport on February 4. Gold worth Tk 84 lakh was recovered from the shop on February 11. After being caught by four customs nets.

On February 9, 9 gold biscuits worth Rs 52 lakh were recovered in Behrampur. Gold worth Tk 51 lakh was recovered from Nalini Seth Road on February 14. On February 15, a man was caught from Howrah trying to smuggle gold worth Rs 60 lakh in underwear.

All in all, the customs office has recovered crores of rupees worth of gold from Kolkata in the last five months. Sometimes gold paste, sometimes gold bars or gold biscuits. The gold smugglers are not going to be curbed in the continuous operations of the detectives. Customs officials say the gold smugglers are acting as chains.

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#Kolkata: Gold recovered from the city again. Forty-two lakh rupees worth of gold was recovered…

Published on : May 14, 2022 at 10:49 PM

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