Cyclone Asani Update || Calcutta Municipality warns of ‘thunder’, what steps have been taken to deal with the disaster?

#Kolkata: All holidays for the employees of Horticulture Department, Solid Waste Management Department, Lighting Department, Sewerage Department and Disaster Management Department of Calcutta Municipality have been canceled till May 10-12 in view of the cyclone. The Calcutta Municipality has already issued a notification in this regard. It has been mentioned in the notification that the personnel of the concerned departments in all the departments and boroughs have to make all the necessary preparations to deal with the cyclone quickly. The cyclone needs to be prepared and dealt with in the same way that the situation was handled during the Amphan.

He also mentioned that the employees of the municipality have to coordinate with the Irrigation Department and Disaster Management Office of the state government at all times. The commissioner of the municipality has instructed to carry out this work smoothly by keeping the gates of the Ganges open during high tide and low tide conditions and drainage through canals. The Municipal Commissioner has given special instructions to the DG of Horticulture Department and DG of Civil Department. One team should be formed in each borough. He instructed the team to always be ready, especially with the people working in the horticulture department.

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Multiple equipments including hydraulic ladders, cutting machines have already been directed to be deployed at the municipal headquarters and boroughs for quick cutting or removal of fallen trees. The commissioner has already given several important instructions to the DG of the lighting department of the municipality. Notably, in borough-based areas, his department staff would take to the streets to see if the lighthouse wires were hanging somewhere, if the feeder box door was broken, if the lighthouse had come out of the small lighthouse lights along the road, in a number of important areas. Instructed to pay attention.

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When water collects, death occurs due to electrocution. The DG has been specially instructed to prevent these incidents from happening again. The DG has been directed to ensure uninterrupted power supply in water supply projects. The DG of water supply department and the DG of lighting department will work in coordination in this regard, it has been informed in the notification. It has been directed to take precautionary measures so that water supply to Kolkata is not cut off due to power outage. Each water project and pumping station has been asked to keep the necessary generators.

The DG of the water-supply department has been told that the roadside taps on the road that is submerged go under water. It caused water pollution. Necessary steps have to be taken to prevent them. The DG of Talinala Division has been instructed to check the condition of the drainage gates so that water can be drained from the drain. The DG in charge of KEIIP department has again been directed to take precautionary measures for speedy drainage of water in the bodyguard line and violin.

The Calcutta Municipality has lost its way due to the accumulation of water in Behala and Bodyguard lines. According to sources, the Chief Minister is also very angry about the matter. At a recent meeting in Navanne, he directed the Mayor of Calcutta Municipality, Firhad Hakim, to take immediate action in this regard. The Chief Minister directed the mayor to take action as to why the water is stagnant day after day. The DG of Solid Waste Management Department has been directed to deploy the required people at every place. Proper care has been taken for the accumulation of garbage so that there is no difficulty in drainage. One house after another collapsed in Kolkata due to storm or heavy rain. The DG of the building department has been directed to carry out 24-hour special team and monitoring to rescue the house from the rubble and remove the rubble quickly.

The Secretary of Kolkata Municipality has been directed to monitor the control room at all times. According to the commissioner of Kolkata Municipality, the Kolkata Municipality has completed the preparations in advance on the instructions of the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary. The situation will be dealt with according to the level of disaster. But their team is ready in every subject.


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#Kolkata: All holidays for the employees of Horticulture Department, Solid Waste Management Department, Lighting Department,…

Published on : May 9, 2022 at 7:45 PM

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