I’ve been forced to live in a CARAVAN with my autistic son, 10, after disgusting mould caused our wall to COLLAPSE
I’ve been forced to live in a CARAVAN with my autistic son, 10, after disgusting mould caused our wall to COLLAPSE

I’ve been forced to live in a CARAVAN with my autistic son, 10, after disgusting mould caused our wall to COLLAPSE

A MUM and her 10-year-old autistic son are facing homelessness after a mould infestation rotted their home.

Lauren Koplin and her son Noah, who is diagnosed with autism, ADHD and a sensory disorder, have been paying $800 a week to live in a caravan while they desperately search for a new home.


Lauren Koplin her 10-year-old son Noah were left homeless after they were forced out of their home due to the mould[/caption]

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Their mould infestation became so bad that it rotted out their kitchen wall[/caption]

The mum, from southern Australia, said the rotten situation “got worse and worse,” until the mould eventually caused their kitchen wall to collapse.

It was then deemed a “health risk,” and Lauren and her son were forced to leave their home of over 11 years.

But time is now running out for the unlucky pair as the caravan park is due to kick them out within weeks – leaving them homeless.

When the mould took over their home, Lauren said she argued back and forth with her real estate agent and landlord, and their lease came to a “frustrated agreement”.

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This meant they could not come to a solution, and Lauren and her son were evicted from their family home.

“I received a termination under the frustrated agreement, and we had four weeks to vacate,” she told 7NEWS.com.au.

With nowhere else to go, Lauren had to move into an $800 per week caravan park.

“On top of that, we’ve had to pay for a storage facility to keep all of our belongings in,” she said.

“We just left with our suitcases and that’s it.”

The mum says the situation has been particularly difficult on Noah, who had to give up their family cat and his pet bearded dragon because of the move.

“All of Noah’s computers and everything for school and all his stuff is at the storage facility, so it’s just been hard.”

Since being forced from their home by the mould infestation, Lauren says she has been frantically looking for a new home, but can’t find anywhere suitable on the market.

“I went to an inspection the other day and by the time I had gotten home from it, they had already filled the spot,” she said.

“I don’t have time to be applying and going to 10 or more house inspections every single week.

“I’m busy looking after a special needs child, who does home-schooling.”

I just can’t get any help

Lauren Koplin

The mum said the desperate situation led her to try and get help from homeless services, but was denied accommodation due to Noah’s condition.

“They don’t want to put me in a hotel because of Noah’s special needs.

“Some of these places have drug addicts basically knocking on your door, and it’s just no place for him.

“But I’ve been to every service you could possibly go to multiple times and I just can’t get any help.”

Lauren added that the only aid she has been able to find is from food banks, and she is now facing homelessness when her tenancy at the caravan park expires.

“We can only stay here for so long, then we have to leave for two weeks and come back,” she said.

“But, where am I meant to go in those two weeks?”

“I have no idea, I guess just in my car.”

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Mould became such an issue in another home that the residents would wake up struggling to BREATHE.

Meanwhile, another family revealed how they have been trapped in a mouldy flat with four kids for 12 years – and even had to pick wet ceiling out of their dinner due to the damp.

Published on : August 18, 2022 at 7:04 PM

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