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#Kolkata: Mayor Firhad Hakim visited the spot in Boubazar. According to the metropolitan, the houses are old foundation houses The team of engineers will come and check how safe it is to keep these houses in this situation. Then the information will be presented. MLA Nayana Bandyopadhyay 7 came to visit In his words, the fault is Metro 7

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Memories of almost three years ago came back to Boubazar. Large cracks in one house after another, many homeless again in fear of the house collapsing at any moment. Many people are forced to flee with the necessary things in front of their hands. Many have taken refuge in hotels again. On 31st August 2019, the residents of BB Ganguly Street, Boubazar Street, Durga Pituri Lane, Sankara Para Lane in Boubazar became refugees or homeless.

According to Metro sources, the work on the Sealdah-Dharmatala metro tunnel would have been completed as soon as this work was completed. The work of cutting the soil and making cement walls and floors was also going on equally. But heavy rains lashed Calcutta. As a result (initial guess), the ground water level suddenly rises, and water starts rising from the bottom. Cracks were found in 5 adjoining houses. Three or four more houses were evacuated due to critical condition. About 80-90 people became homeless.

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#Kolkata: Mayor Firhad Hakim visited the spot in Boubazar. According to the metropolitan, the houses…

Published on : May 12, 2022 at 7:51 PM

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