Babul Supriyo: What did Babul Supriya say after taking oath as MLA? The grassroots became embarrassed

#Kolkata: He has just taken the oath. After that, Babul Supriyo once again stirred up the old controversy at the press conference. He thinks it is immoral to win one team ticket and leave the other team. When Babul was speaking at the press conference, Kaliaganj MLA Soumen Roy, who had won on a BJP ticket, was standing right behind him.

Speaking at a press conference after taking oath on Wednesday, Babul said, “I resigned from the post of MP and retired from a kind of politics. But I did not join the grassroots from that team. It’s a question of morality. ” Just as Babul Supriya was speaking, right behind him in the press corner of the assembly was Soumen Roy, a MLA from Kaliaganj who had won on a BJP ticket, who had joined the Trinamool Congress about seven months ago and had not yet resigned.

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When Babul Supriya was asked about the defection by showing Soumen Roy, he turned his head once and saw Soumen Roy. Then he said, “This is my personal opinion.

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When asked about Babul’s remarks, the Kaliaganj MLA said, “I am the BJP MLA. I just protested against the immorality of the Leader of the Opposition. ” Soumen Roy also fired at Shuvendu Adhikari, saying, “The Leader of the Opposition is using his house in the Assembly for his own interests. He used to try to frustrate the work of the assembly with BJP MLAs. Only the Trinamool Congress leader has tried to find out how the ED and CBI will be against the leaders. I just protested. “

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#Kolkata: He has just taken the oath. After that, Babul Supriyo once again stirred up…

Published on : May 11, 2022 at 7:50 PM

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