Asani Cyclone Effect: City may float due to ‘Asani’! Leave of all employees canceled by Calcutta Municipality

#Kolkata: Holiday canceled for employees of Kolkata Municipality due to fear of thunderstorms. Holidays of all employees of Kolkata Municipality have been canceled from Tuesday to Thursday. If necessary, the holiday will be canceled as long as the effects of low pressure or cyclone remain, said Pur Commissioner Binod Kumar. Besides, DGs of all departments including municipal sewerage, garbage cleaning, horticulture department, civil and lighting, water supply have been asked to make preparations like Amphan. Temporary generator set to keep ready. (Asani Cyclone Effect)

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Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh and 13 other mayors have been given 17 major responsibilities. The city commissioner has directed to keep the disaster management team of the municipality centrally and the borough based disaster management team ready. Hurricane Ashani turned into a strong cyclone on Sunday afternoon. It is now located in the south-east Bay of Bengal and the east-central Bay of Bengal. As a strong cyclone, thunderstorms will continue to move north-west towards the coasts of Andhra and Orissa till Tuesday, according to the Meteorological Department.

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As a result, heavy rains are forecast in Orissa and coastal districts of Bengal. Light gusts and heavy rains are forecast in East Midnapore, North and South 24 Parganas districts. Heavy rains are expected in the coastal districts of West Bengal on Wednesday and Thursday. On an urgent basis, the leave of the lower floor workers has been canceled from the municipal officer next week. Mayor Firhad Hakim on Saturday instructed DG Nikashi to ensure that no water accumulates in any part of Kolkata due to rains.

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#Kolkata: Holiday canceled for employees of Kolkata Municipality due to fear of thunderstorms. Holidays of…

Published on : May 8, 2022 at 10:49 PM

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