A startup with excellent training for professional courses

Kochi: A start-up from Kerala with excellent entrance training for over 20 professional courses. The Prep Academy trains students at the school and college levels. The aim is to enable students preparing for higher education in Kerala to pursue professional courses and other excellent courses.

Students and parents will be assisted in selecting suitable courses. Training and courses in various entrance exams are available from the school level. Training is available to students from Classes 11,12.

Central University General Entrance Examination Entrance Examination (CUET); Training for the 5 year Integrated Program in Management (IPM), Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Examination (HSEE) and Common Law Admission Test at the Indian Institute of Management.

Training is also available for Plus Two level officer tests at the National Defense Academy. While Plus Two students have access to training for up to 20 entrance exams, there are also training programs for college students and graduates. There are training programs for courses such as Civil Service, Bank Coaching and MBA. All lessons will have daily practice tests.

They provide services including mentoring for children, aiming not only at entrance exam training but also at personality development of students. Services are available online and offline.

For information: Website address: https://prepacademy.in/


Published on : May 8, 2022 at 12:35 AM

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