A bottle of water for Amit Shah; Price Rs 850!

The price of a bottle of drinking water for Union Home Minister Amit Shah is Rs 850. Shocked? Goa Agriculture Minister Ravi Naik says this is true. Naik made the cut while referring to the expensive purchase while laying a solid foundation for rainwater harvesting in Goa and explaining how water will become a rare and precious resource in the future.

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The Govan minister’s words were picked up on social media within seconds. Naik said that when Amit Shah arrived in Goa in February as part of his election campaign, he was given a bottle of mineral water worth Rs 850. During the campaign, Shah demanded a water bottle of the Himalayan brand. The water was brought from Mapusa, 10 km from Panaji, the state minister said at a function in South Goa.

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‘Even the price of mineral water bottles available in star hotels is in the range of Rs 150-160. This is the price of water, ” Naik said. Naik, a former Goa chief minister, had taken the initiative to build dams across rivers to collect water. He added that in the future, water could be sold to Gulf countries in lieu of fuel. Across the state, the government can build dams everywhere in the hills to store water. He warned that people would fight for water in the future due to famine.


Published on : May 13, 2022 at 12:35 AM

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