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Scott Styris in favour of expansion of Indian Premier League

Scott Styris in favour of expansion of Indian Premier League

Scott Styris in favour of expansion of Indian Premier LeagueFormer New Zealand cricketer Scott Styris on Friday extended his support to the two-month long window for the Indian Premier League in the new Future Tour Programmes cycle. The International Cricket Council on Wednesday released the Men’s Future Tours Programme (FTP) 2023-27, confirming the international calendar for all Full Members across all three formats of the game. In total, there will be 777 international matches – 173 Tests, 281 ODIs and 323 T20Is – in the 2023-2027 FTP cycle compared to the 694 in the current one.
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Finland ‘party’ PM Sanna Marin seen GRINDING on mystery man in new video after denying she was on drugs in twerking clip

Finland ‘party’ PM Sanna Marin seen GRINDING on mystery man in new video after denying she was on drugs in twerking clip

FINLAND’S under-fire prime minister has been filmed grinding on a man in fresh leaked footage – a day after she was forced to deny she was on drugs.

Sanna Marin, 36, dubbed the “coolest politician in the world” due to her relaxed style of leadership, was recently captured twerking at a wild party with a group of pals.

Finland ‘party’ PM Sanna Marin seen GRINDING on mystery man in new video after denying she was on drugs in twerking clip
Finland’s prime minister Sanna Marin has been filmed dancing with a random man
grabs taken without permission at request of news desk 1
The Finnish PM can be seen with her arms around the man’s neck in a Helsinki nightclub
finland prime minister sanna marin attends joint press

Marin, 36, is one of the world’s youngest heads of government[/caption]

In the newer video reportedly filmed earlier this month, the Finnish PM, one of the world’s youngest heads of government can be seen dancing “intimately” with an unknown man in a nightclub.

The man has his arms around the PM, touching her lower back with his lips close to her neck.

It isn’t clear if he is kissing Marin – who married husband Markus Räikkönen in 2020 – or whispering to her.

On Friday, Finnish newspaper Seiska alleged that a “visibly drunk” Marin and several friends pulled up to the Teatteri nightclub in Helsinki on the night of August 6 at 2.30am.


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There they partied with a group including Finnish popstar Alma until gone 4.30am.

Witnesses told the paper that Marin, who is married with a four-year-old daughter, had seemed to be flirting with several different men in the club.

“Sanna danced intimately with at least three different men,” one claimed.

“She also sat on the laps of two different men. She placed her hand next to one man and he held her gently by the arm.”

Footage from the night reportedly captures several bystanders commenting on her behaviour.

“The prime minister can’t be in that condition,” one clubber reportedly said.

Another replied: “Oh my god, she’s in a shocking state,” while a third asked if any other country’s prime minister would behave in such a way.

The Sun Online has approached Sanna Marin’s office for comment.

Sanna danced intimately with at least three different men


This video comes after footage – believed to have been filmed earlier on the same night, showed Marin with a host of Finnish celebs dancing, singing and drinking with pals in an apartment.

At one stage someone off-camera refers to “powder gang”, seen as alluding to cocaine, although Marin has strenuously denied using drugs at the bash.

Other social media users have said the party-goer was more likely referring to a popular Finnish alcoholic drink which sounds similar in Finnish to “powder gang”.

She has defended her behaviour and insists she has nothing to hide, adding that she “resents” the fact the footage of her in a “private space” has been leaked.

“I’m disappointed that it has become public,” she told the press. “I spent the evening with friends. Partied, pretty wild, yes. Danced and sang.”

She added: “I have not used drugs myself, or anything other than alcohol.

“I’ve danced, sung and partied and done perfectly legal things. I have also not been in a situation where I would know that others are doing it that way.”

www news com au finance work leaders finnish pm 4
It comes after she was forced to deny taking drugs following an earlier video
www news com au finance work leaders finnish pm 5
The politician partied at an apartment with celebs including Finnish popstars
finlands prime minister sanna marin speaks members media 1

Marin has defended her behaviour and says she’s done nothing illegal[/caption]

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Marin with her husband Markus Räikkönen on their wedding day in 2020

According to reports, Marin said the videos were filmed a couple of weeks ago and the evening had been spent in two separate flats, with about twenty people – and the group also went to two bars.

The politician also said she was willing to take a drug test in response to allegations from her critics.

Finnish paper Iltalehti has reported that Marin had cancelled her August holiday previously, meaning that she was supposed to be on call around the clock and make important decisions on the night the videos were filmed.

This isn’t the first time Marin’s supposedly wild behaviour has got her into trouble.

She was forced to apologise last year for going clubbing at 4am despite having been in contact with a minister who had tested positive for Covid.

Marin attended dinner and drinks just hours after being in contact with her infected Foreign Minister, claiming she was told she didn’t have to isolate because she was fully vaccinated.

However, she later said she missed a text message advising her to isolate because she didn’t have her government phone on her at the time – a decision her critics slammed as “careless”.

In October 2020, a year after she was elected prime minister, she appeared in an interview for lifestyle magazine Trendi wearing a blazer with nothing underneath.

However, her supporters claim she is being smeared because of her anti-Russia stance, in an attempt by Putin to undermine his western neighbour.

Finland – which shares a 1,340km land border with Russia – is in the process of joining NATO, a move which has infuriated Moscow.

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young woman reading magazine autonomous car driverless 1


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hp comp homebarg


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German newspaper Bild, in a piece dubbing Marin the “coolest politician in the world,” wrote: “She is the most important politician in her country, has to lead it through one of the most dangerous crises of her time because of the warlike activity of her neighbour Russia – and still finds time to celebrate.

“Casual, modern and self-confident – that’s how politics can work. Marin stands for the ‘cool generation’, which Putin definitely doesn’t like.”

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Heartbreaking moment miserable SeaWorld killer whale named Morgan tried to ‘kill herself’ by leaping out tank

Heartbreaking moment miserable SeaWorld killer whale named Morgan tried to ‘kill herself’ by leaping out tank

THIS IS the heartbreaking moment Morgan the killer whale leaps from her tank in what animal activists believe was a suicide attempt.

Footage that went viral in 2016, shows the orca lying motionless for ten minutes as she beaches herself on the edge of her tank.

Heartbreaking moment miserable SeaWorld killer whale named Morgan tried to ‘kill herself’ by leaping out tank
Was Morgan the whale trying to kill herself when she laid on the edge of her tank?

Animal activists and worried viewers argued the animal was attempting to take her own life as she was unhappy in captivity at Loro Parque in the Canary Islands.

Park keepers however rubbished the video and said it was an “exaggeration” and insisted the behaviour was “completely normal”.

Killer whales who beach for too long are crushed by their own body weight and die as their vast bulk unbuoyed by water crushes their internal organs.


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RM orce hell comp2


I was savaged by SeaWorld orca – here’s what it was like when it attacked me

And another video which emerged around the same time showed her repeatedly smashing her head against a metal gate.

And it’s also been suggested that the orca was actually trying to “escape” its captivity rather than harm itself in the clip.

Morgan was captured in the Wadden Sea off The Netherlands and taken into captivity in 2010 as she was found to be malnourished and in poor condition.

She has been the subject of long-running battles between the park organisations and animal rights activists who argue that orcas should not be kept in captivity.

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newspress collage 19554517 1660895217894


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Morgan was claimed to have originally been captured under the proviso that she would be released back into the wild and she would not be put on display to the public.

However, she ended up at Loro Parque when she was turned into one of the park’s attractions.

The park argues she cannot be released to the wild as she is deaf and would not survive in the ocean.

Morgan had originally been “owned” by SeaWorld – but was loaned to the Spanish park as part of a breeding programme.

And in May 2016 her apparent plight emerged to the world in the infamous video released by The Dolphin Project.

The footage showed Morgan lying on her belly on the edge of her 100m long, 12 metre deep concrete tank beneath the sign that read “Loro Parque”

All we can do is look at her behaviour, which is exhibiting signs of deep distress and major social problems

John Hargrove

“This is one of many examples of what is wrong with captivity. One would never see this bizarre behavior in nature,” The Dolphin Project said.

It remains unclear exactly what Morgan was doing as she lay on the edge of her tank – but experts at the time did not rule out an attempt at self-harm.

John Hargrove, a former orca trainer, told The Daily Mail: “How could we possibly know — she’s a whale.

“All we can do is look at her behaviour, which is exhibiting signs of deep distress and major social problems.”

Hargrove, who worked with 20 orcas over 14 years while working for SeaWorld, added: “Extended beaching is a sign the whale is deeply distressed in its environment and its social group.”

Dr. Ingrid Visser, a marine biologist, described Morgan’s behaviour as “fundamentally wrong” and said she was attempting to escape.

Wolfgang Rades, the director of Loro Parque Zoo, however disagreed and said: “Beaching themselves is completely normal behaviour — orcas do it all the time in the wild when they’re hunting.

“They are not unhappy.”

He added: “There is just more for them to see out of the tank.”

Her ownership was officially transferred to Loro Parque in 201`7 as SeaWorld stopped breeding killer whales.

The Free Morgan Foundation claims the whale has been exploited as she was trained to perform tricks and kept in tanks “barely large enough” for her size.

“We have not given up on Morgan – she continues to suffer in captivity and therefore we will continue to expose the scandal of what has happened,” the group claim.

And meanwhile, Morgan was this year struck tragedy as the calf that she gave birth to in 2018 – Ula – died last month.

The orca remains at Loro Parque to this day and the row shows no signs of ending between the aquarium and animal rights campaigners.

Whales in captivity have been reported to have committed self-destructive behaviour such as wearing their teeth and bumping their heads against their tanks.

And there have been high profile cases such as Hugo, who is claimed to have essentially killed himself after ramming his head into his tank and later getting a brain aneurysm.

Another killer whale – named Kiska – was last week filmed smashing her head against the side of her tank in a chilling echo of Hugo.

NINTCHDBPICT000681143541 1

Morgan the whale has been held in captivity since she was caught in 2010[/caption]


Morgan the whale had a calf called Ula – but she died this August[/caption]

Whales in wild have also exhibited some self-destructive behaviours, with reports of mass whale beachings – however, this is often attributed to confusion or sickness.

While it is unclear if these actions can be definitively classified as “suicide attempts” – the animals appear to be in distress.

And these behaviour has been widely documented in orcas kept captive.

Killer whales have the second largest brain in the animal kingdom at 6kgs – four times bigger than humans with 1.5kg.

Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist at the Animal Welfare Institute, a nonprofit, told National Geographic in 2019 that due to their size and intelligence orcas do not do well when kept in enclosures.

“It’s basic biology,” she said.

“If you have evolved to move great distances to look for food and mates then you are adapted to that type of movement, whether you’re a polar bear or an elephant or an orca.

“You put [orcas] in a box that is 150 feet long by 90 feet wide by 30 feet deep and you’re basically turning them into a couch potato.”

She added: “Not one marine mammal is adapted to thrive in the world we’ve made for them in a concrete box.”


But despite it being accepted that animals can engage in self-destructive behaviour – it is unclear if whales are capable of “suicide” in the human understanding of the term.

Dolphins however are claimed to be capable of taking their own life – with numerous anecdotal cases, such as the case of Peter.

A study in 2017 found that 25 per cent of all orcas in captivity have severe tooth damage, and 70 per cent have at least some teeth problems.

Captive orcas are said to grind their teeth on tank walls to the point that the nerves are exposed – leaving them with ground down and open cavities.

Hit documentary film Blackfish laid bare the psychological toll which is said to occur on orcas in captivity – including testimony from former trainers.

SeaWorld trainers have claimed during their time working at aquariums that the whales regularly self harmed due to psychological trauma.

One said the whales would regularly damage their jaws and have to be given medication such as Valium to help calm them down.

Hargrove added: “I worked with some whales that were on medication every day of their life and have personally watched whales die at very young ages from disease.

“It was the most difficult decision in my life to have to walk away from the whales I loved to be able to become a whistle-blower and expose the industry.”

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Yeddyurappa’s post for elections aimed at Lingayat votes

Bangalore: BS Yeddyurappa brought the BJP to power in Karnataka for the first time in South India. In 2021, when he was the Chief Minister of Karnataka, the BJP top brass ordered him to resign citing age. After this, Yeddyurappa resigned from the post with great regret. He stayed away from politics and even avoided […]
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India “badly needed” Bharat Jodo Yatra, says Congress

Thiruvananthapuram, Aug 16 (PTI) Emphasising the significance of its forthcoming “Bharat Jodo Yatra’, the Congress on Tuesday said the country “badly needed” such a programme as destructive forces were very active now-a-days and were “patronised” by the BJP-led government at the Centre. As India is passing through a crucial time when divisive and communal forces […]
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Country’s first online taxi service in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan launched the country’s first state-owned auto-taxi service named “Kerala Savari” in Thiruvananthapuram yesterday. Kerala Labor Welfare Minister V. Sivangutty informed: In this scenario where the neoliberalization policy is affecting our traditional industries and workers very negatively, the Labor Department has implemented the “Kerala Savari” scheme to ensure an untapped […]
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