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Inside Nostradamus’ chilling prediction that ‘Queen would die in 2022 aged 96’ made more than 450 years ago

Inside Nostradamus’ chilling prediction that ‘Queen would die in 2022 aged 96’ made more than 450 years ago

FRENCH mystic Nostradamus may have predicted the late Queen Elizabeth II’s death, according to a new book.

The future-predicting savant is said to have alluded to the British monarch’s death in a poem written more than 450 years ago.

Inside Nostradamus’ chilling prediction that ‘Queen would die in 2022 aged 96’ made more than 450 years ago
Nostradamus is claimed to have predicted the late Queen Elizabeth II’s death
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The French mystic’s prediction comes more than 450 years after his death[/caption]

Nostradamus has previously been lauded for allegedly predicting the Great Fire of London, Hitler’s rise to power and the two world wars that devastated Europe.

His latest prediction was interpreted by author Mario Reading, whose recent book – Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future – delves into the philosopher’s murky visions.

Sales of Reading’s book skyrocketed following Queen Elizabeth II‘s death on September 8.

In the week leading up to the monarch’s death, the book sold just five copies. By the end of the week ending September 17, that rose to almost 8,000 copies, according to the Sunday Times.


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In the book, first published in 2006, Reading interprets one of Nostradamus’ quatrains as “Queen Elizabeth II will die, circa 22, at the age of around 96”.

The prediction was posted on social media shortly after the Queen’s death and is believed to be behind the recent boom in sales of the book.

There were even suggestions Nostradamus predicted the war in Ukraine through his vague suggestions France would come under attack from the ‘East’.

It said: “Blue-head shall white-head harm in such degree, As France’s good to both shall e’er amount.”

But Nostradamus expert Bobby Shailer believes the French writer could be referring to a third world war that could take place within the “next few years”.

The French mystic astrologer wrote 6,338 prophecies, including when, where and how our world will dramatically end.

Many of his predictions have been interpreted as being accurate, such as World War II, the September 11 terrorist attack, the French Revolution and the atomic bomb.

According to believers, Nostradamus also appeared to have predicted the start of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

And Yearly-Horoscope claims more than 70 per cent of his prophecies have been fulfilled so far.

The French astrologer, who was born Michel de Nostradame, died on July 2, 1566.

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Nostradamus’s predictions continue to be a source of fascination
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He is believed to have predicted a world war ‘in the next few years’

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